With Add-ons, you can install third-party software programs to add additional features, abilities and customization options by using third party add-ons like extensions and plugins.


Most of the VLC extensions are offered for desktop version while there are only a few for the mobile version of the VLC app.

Here are a few things that you must know about VLC Media Player Addons:

  1. When it comes to filetype, VLC Media Player add-ons generally have a .lua extension.

  2. VLC Media Player add-ons are developed by third-parties, who are interested in extending the possibilities of VLC’s usage.

  3. VLC Addons are downloadable from the official VLC addon website

  4. Addons or .lua files are downloaded and are copied to a location in the VLC’s program files directory to be installed.

  5. After copying the lua files, you will have to restart your VLC media player or start a new instance of the player.