The VLC media player can play several audio formats: .asf, .avi, .divx, .dv, .mxf, .ogg, .gm, .ps, .ts, .vob, and .wmv. It can also convert audio tracks and use several visualizations.


The commands in the Audio menu are only enabled when an audio file is being played.

Playing an audio track

To play a track, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Media ‣ Open File menu.

  1. Select an audio file and click on the Open button. Immediately after that, the selected track will be played on my VLC.


Enabling and disabling audio tracks

On VLC, you have the option to disable and enable a track.

Select the Audio ‣ Audio Track menu and click on the Disable option from the dropdown menu to stop the selected track.

Stereo Mode

This option helps you to listen to audio files in two modes Stereo and Mono.

To listen to an audio track in either the Stereo or Mono mode:

  1. Click on Media ‣ Open File or Open Disc from the dialog box displayed on your screen.

  2. Select an audio file and click on the Play button.

  3. Select Audio ‣ Audio Device ‣ Mono if you want to listen to the audio track in the Mono mode.

  4. Select Audio ‣ Audio Device ‣ Stereo if you want to listen to the audio track in the Stereo mode.


Visualize Audio

Visualizations display splashes of colour and geometric shapes and generate animated imagery based on a piece of music. Select the type of visualizations option from the Audio menu to view the effects. The different visual effects available are:

  • Spectrometer

  • Scope

  • Spectrum

  • VU Meter

  • Goom

  • projectM

  • 3D Spectrum


To disable visualizations, click on Visualizations ‣ Disable drop down menu.

Maximum VLC Volume

To change the maximum volume in of an audio file, go to Tools ‣ Preferences, select All at bottom left corner, then Interface ‣ Main interface ‣ Qt ‣ Maximum volume displayed. Then Save it and restart VLC.