This menu gives you access to all the settings that establish the behaviour of VLC. Each section of preferences comes in two flavours: Simple and Advanced. The simple preferences are settings for the most commonly used parameters of the application while the advanced settings require some deeper knowledge to use them effectively.

Where to find VLC preferences

To open the Preferences panel, select Tools ‣ Preferences.


Here is the Simple Preferences panel where you can modify the essential settings of VLC.


How to reset the VLC preferences

Many problems with VLC are due to incorrect settings or a broken plugin cache. You can solve these by deleting VLC’s preferences and cache. To do this, open VLC on computer, click on Tools ‣ Preferences ‣ Reset Preferences.

Preference sections


Choosing and configuring an alternate interface.


Allows you to choose the type audio to play through which channels.


An option to choose which video to play through which channels.


Here, you can make changes to subtitles and On Screen Display Settings.

Input / Codecs

How to interpret the video file/stream.


Keyboard shortcuts used in VLC.