Installing the VLC media player on the Ubuntu operating system can be done in three different ways;

Installing VLC Using Ubuntu Software center

  1. Click on the Show Applications button or search for Software on the search bar and open it.

  1. Click the search button 🔎 on the top right and search for VLC.

  2. Click on Install. If required, authorize the autorization with your password.


The application will automatically download and install on your Ubuntu machine.

Download VLC through your Command Prompt

  1. Click on the Show Applications button.

  2. On the search bar, type in Terminal, and open it.

  1. On your terminal, run the following commands sudo apt-get update and provide the sudo password for authentication

  2. Run sudo apt-get install vlc on your terminal to install VLC on your system. When you are asked this question; Do you want to continue? [y/n] type in y (short form for YES)